Bridging the Gap between the XML and
the Semantic Web Worlds.

The SPARQL2XQuery Framework bridges the gap and creates an interoperable
environment between the Web of Linked Data (OWL/RDF/SPARQL) and the
XML (XML Schema/XML/XQuery) worlds. Using the SPARQL2XQuery
Framework, XML datasets can be turned into SPARQL endpoints.

The SPARQL2XQuery Framework provides a generic method for SPARQL to
XQuery translation, with respect to a set of predefined mappings between
ontologies and XML Schemas.

Particularly, the SPARQL2XQuery Framework provides mechanisms for:
(a) Query translation (SPARQL to XQuery) (b) Mapping
specification & generation (Ontology to XML Schema)
and (c) Schema transformation
(XML Schema to OWL).

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Key Features.
This SPARQL2XQuery Framework is an essential component in the Web of Linked Data that allows setting SPARQL endpoints over the existing XML data, as well as a fundamental part of ontology-based integration frameworks involving XML data sources.
  • Schema Transformation. XML Schemas are transformed to OWL ontologies using the XS2OWL module.
  • Mapping Generation. The mappings between the XML Schemas and their OWL representations can be automatically detected and stored.
  • Mappings Specification. Mappings between OWL-RDF/S ontologies and XML Schemas can be manually specified and used in the SPARQL to XQuery translation.
  • Query Translation. SPARQL to XQuery Translation: SPARQL queries that are posed over ontologies (RDF/S - OWL), are translated into an XQuery queries that can be answered from the XML data.
  • Query Results Transformation. The query results are transformed in either SPARQL Query Result XML Format or in RDF format.
  • XML - RDF Transformation.Transformation of XML data in RDF and vice versa.
  • XML and Semantic Web W3C Standards Timeline [pdf] [svg] [png]
  • Teaser :: Don't Mind The Gap! (ISWC 2014 Minute Madness) [png]
  • Leaflet 2014 [pdf] [png]
    XS2OWL: XML Schema to OWL transformation [download]
Family Frameworks.
  • SPARQL-RW. Ontology Mapping and SPARQL Query Rewriting.
  • XS2OWL. Transform XML Schema into OWL otnologies.
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